Kindergarten Curriculum

At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, students learn how to respect God, Others, Self, Purpose, Education, and Life inside and outside the classroom setting. Our Kindergarten curriculum includes:


Students are taught to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. They attend Mass once a week with their “angels” from the sixth grade. They are taught to respect and accept everyone as members of a strong faith community. They are encouraged to demonstrate their love for others by participating in monthly service projects.

Fine Arts

Students participate in the award-winning video/DVD based Meet The Masters curriculum that teaches elements of art and their associated principles in a developmental and sequential way. They also participate in the annual school-wide art show during Catholic Schools Week.


Students learn the characteristics of living things and explore the wonders of God’s creation through use of the five senses.

Social Studies

Students learn to be good stewards of the world and good citizens of the United States of America. They learn to respect people from all cultures as well as all community workers. They learn stories from the past which help them appreciate all that they have today.


Students learn addition and subtraction, geometry and patterns, positions, tables, graphs, fractions, use of money, time, measurement, and can count and recognize numbers to at least 100.

Language Arts

Students are encouraged to develop a love for reading. Our program is phonics based and the students also utilize the computer-based Accelerated Reading program. Writing skills are integrated across the curriculum and the students are taught basic grammar and printing skills. They also check out books regularly from our recently upgraded library.

Physical Education

The importance of physical activity for a healthy body is emphasized in twice-weekly physical education classes. Students work to improve hand/eye and hand/foot coordination as well as strengthen their aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. They also learn the rules of age appropriate sports.


Students work independently and cooperatively to learn safe and responsible use of technology tools. Students learn to identify command keys as well as number and letter placement on the keyboard using both hands. Students learn to open and close applications, how to save work to a designated folder, use of the mouse, and how to insert graphics. Students use developmentally appropriate educational software to enhance and reinforce kindergarten curriculum, especially math and reading skills.