Extended Care

BSS Extended Care Program

The Blessed Sacrament School Extended Care program is based on the philosophy and goals of the school. We recognize the need for children to be supervised beyond the regular hours of the school day, especially while parents are working or cannot pick up their children on time, and offer supervision, games and recreation, arts and crafts projects, snack time, the opportunity to complete homework with staff guidance, as well as a variety of other enrichment opportunities in a Catholic environment.

Availability and Hours of Operation

The Extended Care program is available to all students enrolled at Blessed Sacrament School and operates on days when school is in session, even minimum school days. Our normal operating hours are from dismissal time until 6:00 P.M. However, it should be noted that there are five days when Extended Care will NOT be available, the Friday before Christmas break, Holy Thursday, the Thursday of the parish festival in May, and the last day of school in June.

Location and Facilities

The Extended Care program is located inside the Preschool/Pre-K building on campus. The children use the school playground for outdoor activities and other classrooms for homework and study time.

Staff and Personnel

The program is supervised by an experienced Director and dedicated staff who strive to give individual attention and a sense of security to all children enrolled in the program. Staff members are encouraged to be fair and consistent when dealing with children while maintaining a respectful and caring atmosphere.

Financial Information

Service is charged in 1 hour increments and begins once students are signed in, and ends when they are signed out. Prepaid Flat rate options are available for students that will require the service more regularly. 

Drop-In Fees

Drop-in fees is $10/hour per Child and billed through FACTS at the end of the month, due within 14 days.

Prepaid Flat Rate Monthly Plan

K-8 After School Only

$200 for 1 student for 9 months
$300 for 2 students of same family for 9 months
$400 for 3 students of same family for 9 months
$500 for 4 students of same family for 9 months

Plan Details

  • Flat Rate Plan is a Prepaid Monthly Fee of 9 payments, beginning the first week of Sept and ending in May.
  • Plan changes may be processed once each year. Additional plan changes will incur a $50 plan change fee.
  • An Extended Care Plan Change Form must be completed and submitted to the front office prior to the 1st of the month for change to take effect.
  • Families that have not opted for prepaid monthly will be billed at the drop-in fee rate.

From Carline

If your student is not picked up by 2:45 P.M. daily or on designated Wednesdays by 12:45 P.M., the student will be escorted by school personnel to the Extended Care program for supervision and assessed the appropriate drop-in fee.

Late Pick-Up Fee

A $10.00 charge will be added per child for every 15 minutes that he or she remains on the premises after 6:00 P.M. This fee is is billed through FACTS. Please respect the personal time of the Extended Care staff and pick up your child on time.


A study period is conducted Monday through Thursday. Students will be in a supervised setting with children of a similar age. All students are expected to arrive in our center with the necessary materials: including paper, sharpened pencils or pens, and their accelerated reading book. Trips to the classroom are not allowed. Please note that parents are responsible for checking their own child’s homework.


If you have any questions regarding the Extended Care program, including questions pertaining to homework being completed, etc., please contact the Extended Care Director at 714-897-1217.