“Blessed Sacrament School is one of the best schools in Orange County. Not only does it challenge all students to meet high academic standards, but its curriculum strives to develop the whole student. Students at Blessed Sacrament have the opportunity to be involved in computer lab, library, accelerated reading and math programs, music, choir, football, basketball, volleyball, track & field, ASB leadership roles, academic decathlon, Spanish classes, art and an excellent after school program. As if that were not enough, students gain one of the most important and greatest values of all: a school that supports and builds moral character through Catholic faith teaching. I am an extremely satisfied and proud parent of Blessed Sacrament School and highly recommend it to anyone.”
Gerise Reaves
“Blessed Sacrament School is like that secret fishing spot that only the people that have discovered it get to enjoy it. We initially enrolled our kids at Blessed Sacrament School with the intention of having them go there only for their preschool and pre-kindergarten years since we live near some good public schools but once our kids started attending BSS we realized we had found a school that offers the type of education every parent wants for their kids. We lived close to this school for many years but never heard of their academic accomplishments. We are writing this small message so that other parents whom are looking for a good school to send their kids to, look no further. Blessed Sacrament is that school. We don't want this great school to be a secret anymore.. come and join us and all the other parents who have discovered it and love it.”
Jose & Linda Perez
“Blessed Sacrament School has been nothing less than a gift. Started my two sons there in preschool and now they are in third grade. The staff is outstanding and is very passionate about teaching the kids. Also I have to comment on how amazing the sports program is. The coaching staff is constructive and very supportive of the kids. As a mother of two children, every time I drop off my boys, I am in awe of how grounded and well behaved all the students are. The 8th grade students are very kind and respectful to each other and their younger peers. It's an impressive sight to see 8th graders, holding hands with kindergartners to walk them to mass! Miss McAree and the teachers are excellent! Extremely personable and very involved. They know everyone by name and are always available for you and your child. The academics are TOP NOTCH as well. Even though the commute to the school is a bit far, I feel that the drive is worth it, knowing that my children are learning and being loved in a Catholic nurturing environment. This is a great place to send your kids! I would highly recommend it! Call for a tour and see for yourself!”
Rosaline Carroll
“We have been a part of the BSS family for 10 years. The teachers, staff and families at Blessed Sacrament School work together to reach the same goals for every student through quality education, parental involvement, and support of every student. The students are active in roles of service, leadership and stewardship.”
Gary & Suzanne Chavez
“Our oldest daughter moved to Blessed Sacrament in 6th grade, 4 years ago. She was so nervous coming to a new school at this age but she made long lasting friendships and regrets that she did not move to this school sooner. The teachers, staff and families welcomed her. We felt our daughter bloomed at BSS. Her demeanor changed to a very happy, loving, and confident person. Everyone around her in school was a big influence on her success: spiritually and mentally. She was consistently in the Principal's Honor list, Commissioner of Spiritual Growth in 7th grade and ASB Secretary in 8th grade. She is now a Freshmen in one of the best Catholic schools in Orange County. Our youngest daughter started here as well in Pre K and she is now a 2nd grader. The preschool program at Blessed Sacrament is something to be proud of. The teachers and staff in this program are great with the kids, intelligent, and very creative. My husband and I were very particular about picking the right preschool program as we both work from home and can easily teach our daughter what she needed. We visited over 5 preschools in the area and Blessed Sacrament was the only school that met our criteria. We did not want a non-teaching day care. Our daughter is advanced in her reading, math and very aware of her spiritual upbringing. We look forward to her First Reconciliation and First Communion this year and have heard the teachers and staff make sure this is an unforgettable experience. We are truly blessed by God for finding Blessed Sacrament School. I highly recommend it to anyone who values their faith and wants a quality education for their children.”
Larry & Jean Ascani
“We are fortunate to have found BSS. The school has high academic standards, Christian values and passionate teachers who truly care for the students in and out of school. BSS is the best Pre K - 8th grade Catholic school in Orange County.”
Joe & Cherry Buckle
“BSS is a great school with a strong Catholic identity. I took my children out of a Catholic school and homeschooled them for years because I could not find a Catholic school that was truly committed to teaching the faith. The illness of a family member made it necessary for me to put my youngest in school. This was heartbreaking for me, but it had to be done. A few friends had encouraged me to check out BSS. I made an appointment and met with the principal, Miss McAree, who could not have been kinder or more understanding. She answered my every question and concern. I signed my son up and have never looked back. My only regret was that I didn't know about BSS for my other children. He loved the school. I loved the school. It exceeded my expectations for great teachers, strong academics and a faith-filled environment. I want to especially acknowledge the principal, Miss McAree, who provides loving direction and works tirelessly to make BSS the amazing school that it is. She is constantly among the children, helping wherever and whenever she is needed. You will rarely find her in her office. Did I mention she knows each child by name? We were both sad when it was time for him to graduate from 8th grade, but time marches on. He is now in high school doing Honors/AP level work. The academic and spiritual foundation built at BSS has prepared him well to face all the challenges of high school.”
Gary & Diane Wills
“Generally speaking, parents bring their kids into the world and always want the best possible education for them. My wife and I are certainly no exception. However, we also feel like we need to give them something else beyond that... so we asked ourselves: “what about God?” Is it our duty to arrange or even demand that our children be able to enjoy the aids and advances in their Christian formation to a degree that is in line with the development of the secular subjects which they are taught? Blessed Sacrament School was (and still is) the complete answer to our question and we are extremely happy and absolutely blessed to have our kids attend school there. We simply wouldn't do it any other way and we highly recommend BSS to you.”
Hung & Linh Nguyen
“Our family's experience at Blessed Sacrament School has been exceptional. The staff, teachers and parents are dedicated and extremely involved in providing a well rounded faith based education. The athletic programs available to the students go above and beyond teaching the values of team work by stressing the concept of a being STUDENT / athlete.”
Matt & Darcey Hermans
“We are a new family at Blessed Sacrament School. We chose BSS because we wanted our children to have a quality education while learning in a Catholic environment. We believe in the Blessed Sacrament School Mission Statement of preparing students to strive for excellence: spiritually, academically, physically and socially to become life long learners with strong Catholic values. We know that the Blessed Sacrament teachers are very student-centered and do their very best job in preparing our children to become contributing members to society. BSS has truly welcomed us with open arms and made us feel that we're part of the Blessed Sacrament family.”
Anthony & Stephanie Janji
“I'm Buddhist, so picking the right Catholic school for my son was tough. My primary concerns were safety and cost, among other things. After thorough research, BSS was one of the schools on my list which met my concerns. After meeting with Miss McAree, visiting the school and classrooms, my search was over. Miss McAree is the kindest, most patient principal. When the head of the school is the best, we know her staff has no choice but to follow her lead. We're fortunate to have our son attend BSS - the school proves to be even better than we've expected.”
Oanh Le