Fine Arts

Meet The Masters Art Program

Meet The Masters is a media-enhanced art curriculum offered to all of our students in grades K-8.

The goal of the program is to teach every child how to express themself through art. This demands that the students learn to see and experience the world in a different way. The language of art, like the language of words, requires the learning of skills and concepts that will allow the free flow of expression.

Meet The Masters’ goals are to teach the elements and principles of art and drawing in a developmental and sequential way, as well as to study the art of other artists, cultures, and historical periods. In all areas of study, the emphasis is on motivation and self-expression. Recognizing that children learn what they are excited about, the lessons are designed for learning to take place through hands-on experience.

Artists of the Month

Every month, BSS students study and attempt to reinterpret the work of some of history’s most prolific artists.

Student Art Exhibition

Our must-see annual student art exhibition, presented at Open House during Catholic Schools Week in February, showcases the unique point of view of our fantastic young artists. Work from students of all grade levels is showcased, including painting, photography, sculpture and illustration.