Mission & Goals

Blessed Sacrament School Mission Statement

Within the tradition of our Catholic faith, Blessed Sacrament School is dedicated to guiding students to “act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with God."

Micah 6:8

Blessed Sacrament School Philosophy

We at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School are a community of believers who strive to communicate Christ to the students entrusted to our care though our example, guidance and encouragement.

As representatives of our faith, we promote and encourage a holistic education with high standards, focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, psychological, sociological and physical development of each student.

We recognize parents as the first and primary educators of their children. We collaborate with them and act as facilitators in the development of the whole child. We encourage them to actively participate in the education of their child.

We provide opportunities for all students to become involved in roles of service as members of family, church, school, civic, and global communities.

Recognizing that Blessed Sacrament School should be available to all who desire this educational environment, we strive to accept everyone for whom an appropriate program can be designed and implemented.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

I, a student at Blessed Sacrament School, believe in, value and…

Respect God by

  • Demonstrating a relationship with God through scripture and daily prayer.
  • Understanding and practicing the teachings of the Catholic Church and receiving the sacraments regularly.
  • Being involved in roles of service.
  • Being an example of Christian values in my words and actions.

Respect Others by

  • Treating others as I wish to be treated.
  • Learning about other cultures and accepting all people.
  • Promoting unity within the school family.
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for the talents of others.

Respect Self by

  • Taking responsibility for my own actions.
  • Respecting the sacredness of the human body.
  • Possessing confidence in myself and my abilities.

Respect Property by

  • Using devices and technology appropriately.
  • Caring for my books and ensuring they remained covered.
  • Respecting all school property.

Respect Education by

  • Communicating effectively in English by reading fluently, speaking clearly, and writing concisely and correctly.
  • Demonstrating competency as defined by Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines learning objectives.
  • Using technology responsibly for learning and communication.
  • Experiencing the fine arts and expressing myself creatively.

Respect Life by

  • Believing all life is sacred and respecting it.
  • Appreciating God’s world and using its natural resources wisely.