Highlights of the Program

High Quality Curriculum & Safe Nurturing Environment

We are WASC (Western Association of School and Colleges) accredited, fully licensed Preschool facility by the State of California for two and a half, three, and four-year-old students. It is our mission to compliment your family by providing the environment and means for the development of the whole child.

Cognitive Development
Students will develop the mental process needed to think and make sense of the world as well as understand knowledge across different subjects including Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies through the use of small group instruction.
Physical Wellness
Students will have opportunities to develop important fine and gross motor skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to lead a healthy life style.
Spiritual Growth
Students will develop their relationship with God through daily prayer and the consistent demonstration of important principles of our Christian Faith.
Language and Literacy Development
Students will develop abilities to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speaking, writing, and early reading skills.
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Social and Emotional Development
Students will develop skills to express and regulate feelings and develop relationship with their peers and others.
Executive Function
Students will develop skills needed for learning such as self regulation, attention, and persistence.
Creative Expression
Students will creatively explore the arts, movement, drama, and music.