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Preschool Mission Statement

It is our mission to compliment your family by providing the environment and means for social, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. Our Preschool program will provide your child, at this early formative stage of life, with a loving Christian atmosphere in which to grow and develop. We have planned a program of learning experiences based on our knowledge of the common characteristics and needs of the Preschool child. We will develop our program around the unique personality of each individual child.

Our program will provide:

  • Faith-based learning opportunities to nurture and support the development of a living, active Catholic Christian faith.
  • Opportunities for your child to become aware of his/her self-identity and to develop a feeling of self-worth.
  • Opportunities for your child to work and play with children of his/her own age and to become self-reliant and independent.
  • An environment in which your child will learn to relate successfully to his/her peers within defined limits and structures that develop responsible personal conduct and respect for others.
  • A variety of activities for your child to experience success.
  • An atmosphere that will foster creative expression.
  • Staff members who evaluate the creative efforts of each child according to ability, rather than arbitrary standards.